How we work


We usually communicate with our clients via phone or email, but if you’d prefer to visit our office, we offer a consultancy service at a fee of £30 per half an hour.


We also offer assistance with trademarking your brand name. We understand that trademark registration can be complex and time consuming, so our Trademark Representative is here to ensure you obtain the legal ownership of the brand name without the hassle.

With all applications, we undertake an initial trademark report to check your chosen name’s availability against current registered trademarks. This provides you with all necessary information before progressing with the application and greatly increases your success to application rate.


Design specs are vital to ensuring our overseas factories fully understand every detail of the clothing needed and how to manufacture it.

If you already have design specs, please send them through to us in an email.

Alternatively, we have in-house designers who can produce these for you. All we would require is images or sketches and a few notes to explain key details you want to include in your design. You can either email these over to us or book in for a 2 hour design meeting.

For each product design, you will receive the outline design complete with full specification of fabrics, design features and trims – which can be shown in as many colourways as you require.

One of the initial stages of starting a brand is getting your ideas drawn up as professional designs. This is vital to ensuring our overseas factories fully understand every detail of the clothing needed and how to manufacture it.
Our in-house designers are fully qualified and experienced in industry standard design, and will help develop your
initial ideas ready to start the sampling stage.

We can either work over email or you can book in for a 2 hour design meeting (£50GBP booking fee deposit which will be credited against your design invoice on the day). All design details and pricing can be found in this PDF brochure



Upon completing/receiving your design specs, we will send these over to our factories and obtain price quotes for both samples and bulk production.

Please note: all prices given for samples and bulk orders exclude shipping, import duty and VAT, and are only valid for 7 days before re-quotation is necessary due to exchange rates.


The next stage would be to arrange sample production. As well as receiving your completed design specs, our factories tend to send confirmation emails for each sample just to double check we’ve got all details correct! It’s important to get the first sample as close to your desired outcome as possible, as due to the low MOQ’s our factories offer, they prefer not to re-sample. Instead, we send the factory your sample feedback and move forward to bulk production, implementing the final amendments as pre-production samples.


Once the order for the bulk production is placed, we have the pre-production samples arranged and confirm all details with the factory one final time. The pre-production samples are a final prototype that include any changes made to the original samples and show you how the bulk order will look.

Please note: we have minimum order quantities set by our factories that must be met in order to go ahead. Clothing requires 100pcs per style and colour (including 4 sizes), while headwear is 50pcs per style and colour.


All orders come pressed and packed in plain poly bags and include woven labels, care labels and standard swing tags. Custom packaging such as branded tissue paper, poly bags, delivery bags and premium swing tags are available at an additional cost.


As we work with factories overseas, we have to charge import duty and air freight on bulk orders.

We can get a variety of quotes for you based on your budget, the lowest cost being air freight- although this option takes significantly longer to arrive in the UK. Delivery options can be discussed once the bulk order has been placed.