Cento Clothing Ltd is a UK based company which began in late 2013. We specialise in clothing and accessory design and manufacture. We also offer pattern making and fabric sourcing services to develop your ideas into a final package.

We act as an agent, bridging the gap between the client and the factory, which makes the path to production run smoothly. Our factories have years of experience in garment manufacture, allowing us to work with just about any style and quantity.

Our variety of consultancy services allow you to choose which services you require, from design and pattern cutting to fabric sourcing and manufacturing. We also offer a full sample development service and deal with both large and small production runs.

We believe a bespoke service is best as no client is ever the same, therefore we don’t apply a one size fits all approach to our design, sourcing and consultancy services.

If you have an idea for a clothing or accessory related project, please give us a call on 0191 516 6972 or email info@centoclothing.co.uk and we can organise a free consultation for you in our North East based office.